2:00PM- 6:00PM
Arrivals and Registration

Registration tables will be set up near the Grand Ballroom area on the ground floor.

Raffle tickets will be sold from 2pm till 4:30pm.

4:00PM- 4:30PM
"What is Limmud and How Not to Get Lost?" - Leo Hmelnitsky, Sandy Cahn, Roman Kogan - SCHLEP ROOM

Guide to Limmud in general and Limmud FSU West Coast in particular. Limmud is one of the most successful Jewish educational projects in the world. More than 40 countries, and 80 Jewish communities, hundreds of thousands of participants. What is the secret of its
success? What makes Limmud FSU so unique?

4:30 PM- 5:15 PM
Musical Kabbalat Shabbat - Josh Nelson - SCHLEP ROOM
Shabbat Candle Lighting (4:38 - 5:02 PM) - SCHMOOZE ROOM
Traditional Mincha and Ma’ariv service - SCHMOOZE ROOM
6:30 PM – 7:30 PM
"Hebrew Now - the First Israeli Start-up" - Gil Hovav, Tsvia Walden - CHUTZPAH ROOM

Hebrew was practically dead for 2000 years. The man who revived it almost single-handedly was Eliezer Ben Yehuda, one of the founding fathers of Zionism. Gil Hovav, his great grandson, tells the story of this unprecedented miracle through the little secrets that were kept by his family for more than a hundred years. He is joined in this conversation by the daughter of one of the founding fathers of Israel Shimon Peres – Tsvia Walden, who is an accomplished Israeli psycholinguist and computer specialist, focusing on literacy and Jewish texts. Walden specializes in social constructionism through language, language and gender, language acquisition, literacy, digital literacy and research of Jewish texts.

"Why Depression Hurts: understanding mind-body connections and how it helps us feel better" - Irina Strigo - MISHEGAS ROOM

This talk is intended to introduce the role of brain-body connections in the way we feel. It will cover the basics of the brain’s involvement in feeling of pain and other emotions and how we can modify our feelings with non-invasive methods. Irina Strigo is a human pain neurophysiologist and academic, who uses psychophysical and brain imaging techniques to investigate brain networks that process pain and emotion in individuals with depressive and anxiety disorders, chronic pain, traumatic brain injury, and other related conditions.

"Who is A Jew and why does it matter? An Israeli Perspective" - Aviad Hacohen - MENSCH ROOM
"From Rescue to Reconstruction: Global Humanitarian Aid from Israel with IsraAID" - Kate Applebaum - NACHAS ROOM

IsraAid is currently bringing crisis relief in 20 locations around the world. From disaster relief to reconstruction, IsraAid has a unique approach to engaging with communities. This is an opportunity to hear directly from IsraAid’s Director of Partnerships and Engagements about the impact Israel is making across the globe.

"Toward a Liberating Jewish Sexual Ethics: Between Openness and Limitation: - Chaim Seidler-Feller, Doreen Seidler-Feller - OY VEY ROOM

Classical Jewish teachings regarding sexuality, including sexual pleasure, homosexuality, masturbation and pre-marital sex, generate personal conflicts and social and emotional consequences that demand our attention. So long as these tensions are not addressed,
those of us committed to a Jewish way of life are confronted with a choice between the restrictions of the tradition and the permissive orientation of contemporary culture. This session intends to step into that breach by proposing a contemporary sexual ethic that offers
guidelines that emanate from Jewish sources and reflect a modern sensibility

"The Cholera Wedding, a.k.a. Shvartze Khupe" - Natan Meir - SIMCHA ROOM

East European Jews’ Magical Ritual to End an Epidemic This talk explores the history and meaning of a peculiar ritual that emerged
among East European Jews in the 19th century: to stop the spread of an epidemic, the community would marry its most vulnerable and marginalized members—orphans, beggars, and the disabled—to each other in a wedding held in the cemetery. Drawing on various
approaches from the fields of social and cultural history, anthropology, folklore, and cultural studies, I explain why this ritual held such lasting appeal to ordinary Jews in Eastern Europe, to the extent that it spread to Ottoman Palestine and endured into the period of the
Holocaust. The talk is illustrated by clips from the 1939 classic Yiddish film “The Light Ahead” (Fishke der Krumer).

7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Shabbat Dinner - NOSH ROOM

Buffet style. 1st Floor.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Concert “Beyond the Limits” - Zhanna Shpits - SCHLEP ROOM
"Negotiating Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity via Digital Platforms" (Ru, Tech) - Gregory Asmolov - CHUTZPAH ROOM

This lecture explores the influence of digital platforms on the formation of sexual identity. Based on the analysis of dating apps and social network, that offer variety of formats for displaying different types of sexual preferences, the lecture reveals the role of Internet as a platform for representing sexual identity and its realization through communication as a form of negotiations, that form situational borders mutually accepted sexual practices. For example, the notion of “fluid identity” will be discussed based on concept of famous social philosopher Zigmund Bauman. The topic of Internet’s role in a process of sexual identity formation is just one example for a discussion of relationship between a system and an individual and how much power informational technologies have on the new levels of freedom
on shaping of individual identity.

"Our Sweetest War (Hummus Demo)" - Gil Hovav - MISHEGAS ROOM

What is Israel’s national dish? Is it really mentioned in the Bible? Why did our neighbors from Lebanon sue us in the international court in Den Haag over Hummus? And what are the absolute dos and don’ts of hummus? Gil Hovav, one of Israel’s top food writers, makes hummus, reveals all its secrets and lets you taste!

"The three mirrors of Jewish sexuality" - Yishai Fleisher - MENSCH ROOM

A reflection of one’s self can be used to make one more attractive, to self-aggrandise, or even be self-effacing. The Greco-Roman love of human form stands in contrast to Judaism’s quest to enhance the spiritual – and this tension is manifest in their respective relationship
to human sexuality. Three Jewish texts involving mirrors can elucidate.

"Purple Jacket People - discover a unifying theory that will answer the key questions about Judaism" - Benzion Klatzko - NACHAS ROOM

This ground breaking talk has been published and taught in universities and schools across the globe. The talk strives to discover a unifying theory that will answer the key questions that are often asked regarding Judaism. Issues like anti-antisemitism, Tikkun Olam, the
importance of Israel, the complexity of mitzvot, and much more. All while defining the role of the Jewish people as chosen and eternal.

POSTPONED until late Saturday or Sunday: "Poetry & Humor" (Ru) - Leonid Kaganov

Leonid is flying in later than planned. New time and place of his session(s) will be announced later.

10:15 PM – 11:15 PM
Chto? Gde? Kogda? (Ru, Tech) - Eugene Fooksman, Anya Eychis - SCHLEP ROOM
"To the Moon and Beyond" - Yonatan Winetraub - CHUTZPAH ROOM

SpaceIL is an Israeli non-profit organization participating in the Google Lunar XPRIZE, an international competition to land an unmanned spacecraft on the Moon. Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Winetraub founded SpaceIL in 2010 with a focus on inspiring children
and promoting education and scientific exploration. The potential prize money will be used to ensure that Israel will continue to live up to its reputation for excellence in science, engineering, technology and math. The talk will reveal some of SpaceIL’s achievements,  challenges, technology and will highlight lessons learned in starting a private space program.

"Beyond Deception Strategy - Movie Screening and Discussion" (Tech) - Pierre Rehov - MISHEGAS ROOM

Looking for Israel’s “ apartheid “… For decades, Israel has been facing violence and terrorism, while being de-legitimized when trying to defend itself. The Jewish State is now facing a new wave of terror at the economical level. Accused of being an “apartheid state” Israel
suffers an unprecedented campaign of de-legitimization by the B.D.S. movement. While pretending to support the “Palestinian “ cause, the organizers of the B.D.S. campaign have not other purpose but the very destruction of the Jewish State, and its replacement by another Muslim dictatorship called “ Palestine “. Beyond Deception Strategy takes you to a journey inside the real Israeli society.
Testimonies of minority leaders, successful businessmen and artists, Palestinian workers, political analysts, journalists, human rights activists, doctors and many more, will escort you in the discovery of a vivid democracy under attack. After watching this film, you
will remember for ever the real meaning of those three letters : B.D.S. “ Beyond Deception Strategy”.

"Modernizing Judaism in Israel Today: Rav Kook’s concepts and how they play out in reality" (Ru) - Pinchas Polonsky - MENSCH
"Transgender in Kabbalah (Jewish Mysticism)" - Abby Chava Stein - NACHAS ROOM

For generations most traditional Jews saw gender within Jewish culture as black and white, male and female, with no place for fluidity. Until today, Ultra Orthodox communities ignore the existence of gender diversity within Jewish tradition. However Judaism is rich and
full with gender diversity. This session will explore different approaches within primary Jewish texts, from the creation story, the several genders of the Talmud, to transgender theory within Kabbalah, NO PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE OF TEXT NEEDED. Followed by open Q&A.

"Siri The Terminator - Will artificial intelligence displace humans?" - Sasha Gutfraind - OY VEY ROOM

Drawing on my work, I will examine the increasingly powerful algorithms and artificial intelligence. I will discuss their applications as well as limitations, and comment on the implication of these trends to our lives. This topic will be linked to Jewish sources. I hope the
topic will resonate with the tech people in San Francisco. I will also facilitate a discussion.

11:30 PM – 12:00 AM
Single Mingle (Interactive Session) - Irina Klay - NACHAS
12:00 AM
Piano / Guitar lounge - SCHLEP ROOM


8: 00 AM – 9:30 AM
Breakfast - NOSH ROOM
8:30AM- 9:30AM
Zumba - Time to dance! High energy dance workout to music from around the world. (Tech) - Vlada Teper - CHUTZPAH ROOM
Hatha Yoga with Shakti (Tech) - Shakti Devi - KVELL
8:30 AM -12:00 PM
Traditional Shabbat Shacharit Service - Rabbi Joel Landau
Weekly Torah Portion - Rabbi Julius Berman
9:30 AM – 10:30 AM
"Mark Rothko: Color and Passion" (Tech, Ru) - Julia Patrakova - CHUTZPAH ROOM

How should you look at abstract art and what should you do if you don’t grasp it? Why is a canvas with three stripes considered a masterpiece and why does it cost so much? Is abstract expressionism just for the art critics, or can mere mortals enjoy and understand it as well? Let’s talk about Mark Rothko- a rebel, a firebrand, and a great painter- and let’s search for answers for those complex

"Israel - A Power of Innovation" (Tech) - Ofir Akunis - MISHEGAS ROOM

Over the past 70 years the State of Israel has transformed from an agricultural power to a breakthrough technological power with a great potential. Israeli Minister of Science, Technology and Space Ofir Akunis will answer in his session burning questions such as – what caused it? where is the state’s role in this revolution? and where are we going from here?

"Chernovci - “Town where books and people lived”" (Ru) - Wolf Moskovich - MENSCH ROOM

Chernovci – “Town where books and people lived.” That is how Paul Celan called his native city. Since the end of the 18th century, this Eastern corner of the Austro-Hungarian empire with its population represented by 42 ethnicities was built as an outpost of European culture, tolerance and multi-cultural understanding. In many ways, the experiment was successful and history has proven its survivability.
Chernovci gifted the world an array of significant figures of German, Yiddish, Ukrainian and Romanian culture. Not by accident, twenty thousands of Jews were not deported and lived through the Nazi occupation of the city. Modern Chernovci tries to preserve the best traditions. The new book “Jewish-Ukrainian meeting: cultural dimension” is dedicated to some aspects of this topic.

"A Seat at the Table: How you can impact America and Israel’s Future" - Adam Harris - NACHAS ROOM

Cooperation between the two countries is advantageous for both nations. The mission of AIPAC is to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the United States and Israel. Adam Harris, Pacific Northwest Regional
Director will discuss how both the citizen activist and AIPAC’s staff educate decision makers in the Congress about the bonds that unite the United States and Israel and how it is in America’s best interest to help ensure that the Jewish state is safe, strong and secure.

"Life is a Journey: Embrace change…. It gets better" - David Blumberg - OY VEY ROOM

David Blumberg is the founder and managing partner of Blumberg Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm that manages more than $500M in assets. David will share lessons from his experiences thriving through stages of change in his life – from finding his Jewish identity to career shifts to evolving political ideology to personal transformation.

"What’s App with all these apps…" - Eugene Fooksman - SIMCHA ROOM

We will talk about communication and social apps and how they became a huge part of our lives. We will look behind the scenes and under the hood of one of the most popular apps in the world. We will also talk about startup experience of creating a global service and some lessons learned along the way.

10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Vendors and Partners Exhibition
In the hallway leading to NOSH ROOM dining area.
Turns into Shuk/Bazaar after 6pm
10:45 AM – 11:45 AM
"Human Spaceflight - Recent Past and Near Future!" (Tech) - Garrett Reisman - CHUTZPAH ROOM

Dr. Reisman will share with you what it was like to fly in space aboard the Space Shuttle and the International Space Station. He will give you an insider’s view and describe what it was like to launch into space, see the Earth from orbit, do a spacewalk, re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere and train in Star City, Russia. Dr. Reisman will then give you a behind the scenes look at what is coming up next in human spaceflight. A whole new golden age of space exploration!

"History of the animation from inside - Masyanya" (Ru, Tech) - Oleg Kuvaev - MISHEGAS ROOM

Brief history of animation as an art from comedian point of view. Own experience in animation industry as an author of a popular cartoon character “Masyanya.”

Debate: “Two-State Solution” and Its Alternatives" - Yishai Fleisher and Yosi Yonah, moderated by Danny Grossman - MENSCH ROOM

The West Bank is at the heart of the Arab-Israeli conflict and for a long time the “Two-State Solution” was touted as the only way forward. However, now many analysts believe that the “Landfor-Peace” formula is dead – but what are the alternatives? Can Israel hold on to this land, govern millions of Arabs, and remain a Jewish and democratic state? Debating the Pros and Cons of Two-State and Other  Solutions will be Rabbi Yishai Fleisher, the international spokesperson for the ancient, yet contested, Jewish community of Hebron and
Yosef “Yossi” Yonah, Knesset Member from Zionist Union. Moderated by Danny Grossman, CEO of Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, The Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties.

"Preparing Children for the Future" - Asya Gribov - NACHAS ROOM

What Does Art Have to Do with It? Technology, the economy, and society are changing quickly and accelerating. We are uncertain what the next 20, 50, 100 years holds or what the workplace will demand. In preparing children for a world that doesn’t even exist yet, we
need to teach them how to think, rather than what to think. Even more so, we need to teach the next generation to think creatively, be problem solvers, innovators and idea generators. Find out how The Arts are crucial to developing these and other critical skills for success in the 21st century.

"Wills and trusts - the basics of estate planning" - Marina Modlin - OY VEY ROOM
"Angels, Unicorns and Other Mystical Creatures of Silicon Valley" - Panelists: Gleb Budman, David Blumberg, Lilia Shirman moderated by Vitaly Golomb - SIMCHA ROOM

“When in San Francisco, I visit the Valley to watch unicorns prance with angels. They talk merrily about rounds and rounds of seeds.” The New Yorker’s take on San Francisco is oh so close to the truth. Let’s talk merrily about startups, Founders, Angels, VCs, seed and other
rounds, valuations, exits and everything else that makes up startup innovation world. David Blumberg, founder and managing partner of Blumberg Capital, Lilia Shirman, angel investor and advisor, and Gleb Budman, founder and CEO of Backblaze will discuss their personal journeys to these roles, how each category participates in the innovation process and interacts in a process. Plus, innovation trends, lessons learned, leading a company and more. Moderated by Vitaly Golomb, HP Partner and startup evangelist, author of Accelerated

12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
Shabbat Lunch - NOSH ROOM
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Postponed until late Saturday or Sunday: "Jewish Roots of Soviet Song 'Orlyonok'" (Tech Ru) - Leonid Kaganov

History of the Soviet song “Orlyonok,” in which many fates and myths of 1930s and modern personalities intertwined. The song takes its roots in the Yiddish song, that was accompanying the Jewish theatrical play about Zyama Kopach, a guy from a shtetle. Zyama was the name of the original Orlyonok in the play authored by Mark Meyerovich. This is a rich interesting topic, with beautiful audio recordings, slides and old books.

"Remembering the Holocaust: the FSU vs the ‘West’" - Masha Gutkin and Yedida Kanfer - NACHAS ROOM

When did you first hear about the Holocaust? Through modern literature and personal stories, we will examine the ways that memories of the Holocaust have been shared (or not shared) among families from the former Soviet Union. The session will be presented jointly by
Masha Gutkin and Yedida Kanfer.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM
"A Double TRANSition Story in the Media: What two years in the public eye taught me" (Tech) - Abby Chava Stein - CHUTZPAH ROOM

In the past few years the general media has been fascinated by the stories of transgender people, from serious newspapers and Hollywood studios, to tabloids and gossip sites. At the same time, the interest in “OTD” (“Off the Derech,” or formerly Orthodox) people — people leaving isolated Jewish communities has risen as well. How does it feel to have both of these stories at once? Since Abby Stein came out in 2015, she has had media appearances in the news and media such as New York Times, NY Post, and CNN, FoxNews and ShowTime. This session will include an open Q&A.

"The Evolution of Jewish Marriage (Ketubah workshop)" - Anna Abramzon - MISHEGAS ROOM

What if someone handed you a 2,000-year-old contract and told you it would be binding for the rest of your life – would you sign it? In the case of Jews getting married, the answer is yes. This workshop explores the changing expectations of a Jewish relationship, and what the ancient custom of the ketubah means for us today. The ketubah, or Jewish premarital contract, has been signed since the 2nd  century or even earlier, and ancient copies of it have been discovered all over the world. Despite the evolution of relationships and the redefinition of love and marriage, this contract remains a mandatory requirement for a Jewish wedding. Even in the Soviet Union,
where Jews were deprived of the right to practice, the tradition was preserved in secret by hand-copying the traditional ketubah text. And while the content has remained largely the same until recently, Ketubah art is as diverse and rich as Jewish history, giving a glimpse into the Jewish society that created it. What does the text say? Is it still relevant considering modern gender roles and responsibilities? Is there a double standard for men and women? And why does Judaism dictate that we sign a mandatory premarital contract to begin with? Join me as we explore the text and art of this tradition from ancient times to modern day and the questions that it raises for the future of our people.

Simultaneous Chess Game - Grisha Kotlyar - NACHAS ROOM

*Limited to first 20 participants

2:15 PM – 3:15 PM
Internet and Conflicts (Ru, Tech) - Gregory Asmolov - CHUTZPAH ROOM

How do internet platforms change people’s opinions about conflicts? What are the differences between the role of mass media in the conflict situations in the past and the role of internet today. What are the social, political and legal effects of the digital platforms in the political crisis situations or in military conflicts? Based on the modern conflicts, including Arab-Israeli conflict and the conflict in Ukraine, this lecture offers a systematic analysis of the way the internet changes the nature of modern conflicts, and the role of internet users in this context. The lecture is based on the research conducted by Gregory Asmolov as part of his doctoral dissertations, as well as part
of the current post-doctoral research at Kings College in London.

"Jewish and Soviet themes in Contemporary Art and Museums" (Tech) - Anton Ginzburg, Lori Starr - MISHEGAS ROOM

The creation of art is a way to explore the world around us. Our Jewish and Soviet history and experiences may serve as major sources of inspiration, reflection and creation for artists, like Anton Ginzburg, Saint-Petersburg born, New York–based artist and filmmaker.
Known for his films, sculptures, paintings, and text-based printed work investigating historical narratives and poetic studies of place, representation, and post-Soviet identity, Anton will present and discuss his most recent film project on Birobidzan, Jewish Autonomous
Region in the Russian Far East. He will be in conversation with Lori Starr, Executive Director of Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco. The accomplished artist and the legendary museum executive will talk about the creation, commissioning and exhibition
of the contemporary art and post-Soviet Jewish themes in art in particular.

"Secrets of Russian TV from an Insider" (Ru) - Yelena Khanga - MENSCH ROOM

Yelena is one of the most famous Russian TV celebrity. Since 1993 she hosted dozens of project at several national broadcast channels. Learn more about “kukhnya” of Russian TV from the insider.

"Israel Strategic Alternative Energy Foundation" (Tech) - Galina Leytes - OY VEY ROOM

I-SAEF is a social enterprise project founded by the husband and wife team of Galina and Lev Leytes to fund early-stage alternative energy technology research in Israeli universities. By working to free the world of its dependency on fossil fuels from destabilizing states,
this investment in Israeli research will help build a more prosperous and secure Israel as well as a healthier, safer and cleaner planet.

"Inclusion For All, Except the Jews" - Naya Lekht - SIMCHA ROOM

The History of Anti-Semitism on College Campuses. Diversity, inclusion, and intellectual pursuit have become the staple objectives of universities today. Indeed, to help battle social injustices such as racism, sexism, homophobia, and Islamophobia, universities have taken it upon themselves to hire Chancellors and Vice Chancellors for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion. However, when faced with obvious examples of anti-Semitism, campus administrators and professors alike shirk any responsibility, at times even ignoring its very existence.
“Inclusion for All, Except the Jews” explores the history of anti-Semitism in the universities by going back to the Civil Rights movement in America, a watershed moment in American history, which also gave birth to a new language that framed social and moral dilemmas from the perspective of the powerful and the powerless. This binary model, in turn, placed Israel and the Jews in the position of the powerful, thereby overturning an age-old image of Jews as victims. In my talk, “Inclusion for All, Except the Jews,” I not only examine the  underlying reasons for this turn, but likewise offer methods for tackling the problem today.

Kevah Debate lounge - David Green - SCHMOOZE ROOM
3:30PM – 4:30PM
"Through Pages of Jewish history. Musical-Poetic Journey" (Ru, Tech) - Daniel Kluger - CHUTZPAH ROOM
"Missile defense systems: Past, Present and Future in Israel and US" (Tech) - Engineer X - MISHEGAS ROOM
"Confronting Anti Semitism in the 21st Century" - Deborah Lipstadt, Chaim Seider-Feller - MENSCH ROOM

Legendary Holocaust historian Deborah Lipstadt in conversation with Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller about modern faces of anti-Semitism.

Krav Maga Self Defense Workshop - Mikhail Appak - KVELL ROOM
"Can You Spot the Hate? Anti-Semitism in the Digital Age" (Lasts 1.5 hours) - Cory Weiss, Oleg Ivanov, Tal Segal - OY VEY ROOM

The workshop is focusing on antisemitism on social media as a new threat against Jews around the world. Participants will discuss the tools (PR, legal, education) used by the WJC in this fight, will create educational tools to combat online anti-Semitism and brainstorm other tools that can be developed.

"Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is - Israel" - Maya Vardi Shoshani, Audrey Jacobs, Vitaly Golomb, Diana Moldavsky - SIMCHA ROOM

Investing in or doing business with Israel – a patriotism, pragmatism or both? We will discuss various avenues of participating in Israeli economy with three panelists, directly involved in this enterprise. Maya Vardi Shoshani facilitates distribution of grants to American-Israeli R&D projects via BIRD Foundation, established by US and Israeli Governments. Audrey Jacobs will talk about opportunities for individual investors to become angels investing into Israeli startups via OurCrowd platform. Vitaly Golomb will cover the corporate investing into Israel based on his experience with HP Tech Ventures. Diana Moldavsky will share her experience as the angel investor focused on Israeli (and FSU) startups, and will help lead the conversation.

“Ask a Rabbi” - Dov Duhovnuy, Joey Felsen, Joel Landau - SCHMOOZE ROOM
Mincha at 4:15 PM - SCHMOOZE ROOM
Jewish Folk Dance Workshop (Tech) - Irina Ushakova, Mariia Maliarchuk - CHUTZPAH ROOM
"Why We Love the Impressionists: Camille Pissarro" (Ru, Tech) - Julia Patrakova - MISHEGAS ROOM
Off the record: Q&A with Jan Koum (Tech) - MENSCH ROOM

Opportunity to ask questions and hear frank answers from Jan Koum, founder of one of the largest global communication platforms WhatsApp.

"Does Judaism Need Saving" - Benzion Klatzko - NACHAS ROOM

In this lecture, Rabbi Klatzko probes the age old question of denominations and labels within the Jewish world with a startlingly new perspective. Through clarifying the definition of Judaism, this study analyzes whether the Jewish message needs updating to speak to the next generation.

Taste Wine Like a Pro with Winemaker Jeff Morgan and Covenant Wines from California and Israel. (Limited Space) - SIMCHA ROOM

What makes one wine cost $100 and another far less? Find out by sampling Covenant’s $100 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, $75 Israeli Syrah and a selection of other wines that have made Covenant Winery famous worldwide. Jeff will share the story of how Covenant became the only American/Israeli winery in the world, while he opens his favorite bottles to share with you.

Sholos Seudos at 4:40PM - 2ND FLOOR
Maariv at 5:45PM
6:00 PM – 6:30 PM
Havdalah Ceremony - Josh Nelson and band
7:30 PM – 9:00 PM
Gala / Dinner / Shimon Peres Exhibit - Natan Sharansky, Deborah Lipstadt, Garrett Reisman, Tsvia Walden, Julius Berman. Performances by Tatyana Amirova, Ilya Ronin & Irina Balaban - NOSH ROOM

This will be a formal dinner gathering accompanied by a Gala Ceremony with speeches and entertainment. Gala will also feature a special exhibit “Shimon Peres: Vision and Innovation” created in partnership between Limmud FSU and the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation, Tel Aviv-Yafo. Presented by Prof. Tsvia (Peres) Walden.

Shimon Peres – a man of singular vision, will be remembered for his endless curiosity and interest in innovation – in the science and the humanities. Passionate about robotics, nanotechnology, medicine,
agriculture. Peres took immense pride in the country’s innovative talents, and offered them his deep support. This Limmud FSU exhibit is not about the statesman and politician, nor about the creator of Israel’s defensive capability, nor even his lifelong quest for peace, nor is it the story of a man who was also an intellectual, a writer and a poet. It is about the visionary, the educator, the innovator.

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Shuk / Israeli Bazaar
Swing That Thing - Dance Workshop - Ilya Ronin - SCHLEP ROOM
Stilyagi Cocktail Happy Hour and Dessert
"‘Where are my Jews?’ Elie Wiesel: The Holocaust in Russia, and the State of Israel." - Natan Sharansky, Steven Katz, Julius Berman, Chaim Seidler-Feller Moderato - r Yoel Rappel - CHUTZPAH ROOM

The panel will deal with four main issues related to the Nobel prize laureate Elie Wiesel:

  • Jewish Agency Chairman Natan Sharansky will focus on Elie Wiesel’s unique contribution to the exodus of Soviet Jewry.
  • Prof. Steven Katz from the University of Boston will focus on Wiesel’s contribution to Holocaust remembrance throughout the world.
  • Rabbi Chaim Seidler-Feller will focus on Jewish identity, according to Wiesel.
  • Dr. Yoel Rappel, the founder of Elie Wiesel archive in Boston University, will focus on the character of Elie Wiesel, and his attitude toward the State of Israel.
"Medical innovations in Israel contributing to mankind" - Raphi Walden - MISHEGAS ROOM
"Hot Topics in Talmud" (Ru) - Ilana Baird - OY VEY ROOM
10:00 PM – 11:30 PM
Undervud Band - Concert - SCHLEP ROOM
"Jerusalem Old and New: A Virtual Tour" (Ru, Tech) - Rina Zaslavsky - CHUTZPAH ROOM

During this session, we’ll take a virtual walk through the streets of the new city adjoined to the border with Jordan between 1948-1967, talk about history of those borderline areas and people’s lives there. The session is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of unification of

“Forever young” behind Dylan’s revolution and legacy (Tech) - Amitai Achiman, Chaim Chesler - MISHEGAS ROOM

It is difficult to think of a Jewish musician who has had a greater influence on 20th century culture than Bob Dylan. Dylan was one of the greatest American poets, the voice of an entire generation. In 1999, he was included in Time Magazine’s ‘100 most influential people of
the 20th century’ describing him as a “poet, artist, social commentator, and the leading spirit of the anti-culture generation”. In 2016 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. I will try to reveal the complex figure that is Bob Dylan his revolution and his legacy through the exhibition that has been curated by me and includes film, pictures, images, posters, exhibits and of course a lot of his music.

“Denial” movie screening - OY VEY ROOM

Hollywood blockbuster movie based on the book and character of Deborah Lipstadt

11:45 PM – 12:45 AM
Stand Up Show (Ru) - “Piterskie Zamorochki” Oleg Kuvaev and “Jerusalem Pie” Izabela Galperin - CHUTZPAH ROOM
Jam Session - Tatyana Amirova, Josh Nelson - MISHEGAS ROOM
"Language of Desire" - Eli Block - MENSCH ROOM

From our brains to our bodies, human beings are wired for connection. So why is it that connection can be so difficult? From business to sports to music to art humans have exalted paths to mastery in so many domains except for one: Desire. Join OneTaste Senior Faculty
Eli Block for an evening where you will discover the primal truths and learn the fundamentals of flirtation, provocation, penetration, good sex, and everything in the between.


8:00 AM – 10:00 AM
Breakfast - NOSH ROOM
8:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Yoga - Lena Kozlova
9:00 AM – 10:00 AM
"Hasidism on the Territory of Ukraine and the Influence of Ukrainian Folk Music on Hasidic Music" - Alti Rodal - CHUTZPAH ROOM

This talk will offer an overview account of the origins and spread of Hasidism on lands that are today part of Ukraine and beyond. Given that the majority population was Ukrainian in those areas where Hasidism developed and flourished, it is not surprising that elements of
Ukrainian culture may be found in Hasidic folklore and music. Illustrative examples of such cross-cultural influences will be presented discussed.

"How YOU can help in the battle for Israel online" (Tech) - Gabriel Sassoon - MISHEGAS ROOM

Wondering what more you can do to help Israel without leaving the house? Increasingly, the battle over hearts and minds is taking place online — primarily on social media. Learn practical steps you can take to further the pro-Israel cause on social media, such as effectively
sharing content, easily producing your own engaging graphics and videos, and partnering with others to maximize the chances your posts will go viral and be seen by the maximum number of people.

"The Untold Story of the Struggle for Soviet Jewry" - Morey Schapira, Natan Sharansky, Danny Grossman - MENSCH ROOM

Staples of the Free Soviet Jewry movement from both sides of the border – most renowned Refusenik, leader of the grass-roots American Jewish movement and a diplomat serving in USSR during Reagan era – will discuss the fascinating stories of that personal and communal fight for our freedom.

"Mossad, Tzahal, Medicine, Agriculture and High Tech: Distinguishing Myths and Truths about Israel" (Ru) - Vladimir Beider - NACHAS ROOM

How most famous myths about Israel came about – myths about Mossad, IDF, medicine, agriculture, high-tech. What in those myths is made up and what is true.

"The Science of Happiness: How to Flourish at Work" - Stella Grizont - OY VEY ROOM

Gain insight into the five drivers of human flourishing to amplify your experience and performance • Learn tools to elevate positivity at
work • Understand the mechanics of boredom and engagement • Master an essential communication strategy to uplift the quality of one’s
relationships with others • Discuss struggle and how to create meaning and build resilience

"Rhea Clyman: A Forgotten Canadian Witness to the Great Ukrainian Famine of 1932-33" - Jars Balan - SIMCHA ROOM

When she was Moscow correspondent for the London Daily Express and the Toronto Telegram, Jewish-Canadian journalist Rhea Clyman in 1932 took a 5,000-mile road trip through Soviet Ukraine and the North Caucasus. Her chilling accounts of a government-induced
famine in eastern Soviet Ukraine, known as the Holodomor, and the gulags of the Russian Far East often made the front-page of the newspapers for which she wrote. Clyman was eventually expelled from the Soviet Union and went on to report on Hitler’s Germany.
Through her dispatches and research, Jars Balan discusses the work and life of this extraordinary woman, who emigrated from Poland to Canada at age two, and grew up in Toronto near the corner of Bay and Dundas Streets.

Traditional Shacharit Service - Rabbi Joel Landau - SCHMOOZE ROOM
10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
'From screwing up on everything to taking a company public: a comedy of error" - Alex Furman - CHUTZPAH ROOM

Description: I came to the US as a thoroughly screwed up kid and that’s been the story of my life ever since. I barely scraped by in high school. In college, I floundered and dropped out after three semesters. I spent over a year living in friends’ basements and on friends’
couches. A couple of years ago, I found myself on the balcony overlooking the trading floor at the New York Stock Exchange on
the day of our IPO. I’m still that thoroughly screwed up kid, but over the years many of my weaknesses emerged as strengths, the stars aligned just right, and between some good ideas, a whole lot of hard work, and more than a little spectacular luck, I’m still here and I’ve
got lots of stories to tell. This is exactly what I plan to do, to tell stories. I don’t claim any special wisdom, but I have seen quite a bit along the way and I think you’ll find my journey amusing and maybe even informative.

"“I’m the little Jew who wrote the Bible” Leonard Cohen songs and poetry as a modern midrash" (Ru) - Elena Zusmanovich - MISHEGAS ROOM
"From an author and from the Author: how to write modern Torah comments" (Ru) - Pinchas Polonsky - NACHAS ROOM
"Physics of Life 101" - Irena Neduva - OY VEY ROOM

This event is applicable and useful to all, and especially to those who: • have personal challenges (health, money, job, relationships, etc.)
• are looking for effective solutions and sound answers
• are exploring the topic of success and happiness
• are curious about the mechanisms of life that basically covers all 🙂
Since, we are in the midst of merging conventional and so-called “non-conventional” science, Irena shares the basics on some of the Laws of the Universe that conventional science is starting to tap into, explaining rules and processes by using examples of basic physics,
math, biology, etc. She unfolds the topic of how things work in life: how relationships work, what are emotions, what to do when there are conflicts, why people get sick, what to do to be unstuck, how to be healthy and wealthy and get what you want. During this unique gathering, you will be provided with very practical, simple, and easy-to-use tools that you can begin applying to your life starting the
same day. Irena uses illustrations of the work done at NASA Ames and other Institutes, labs, and venues. The information is delivered in a rather conversational manner conveying personified answers for the most acute questions provided by the participants. The  discoveries, findings, and realizations shared during this seminar may very well become essential to your daily life in order to achieve your life goals and aspirations.

"Chiune Sugihara: A Model of Heroic Compassion" - Berel Rodal - SIMCHA ROOM
11:00 AM – 12:00 AM
"Ami on the Street and around the World" - Ami Horowitz - CHUTZPAH ROOM

Ami Horowitz, investment banker turned documentary filmmaker and creator of ‘Ami on the Street’ series, goes into places nobody does and asks questions not many people do. He will share his craziest stories from across the globe, from crossing an ocean with Syrian refugees to getting attacked in a No Go zone in Sweden, hunting for food with hungry Venezuelans, talking to protesters inside the Ferguson riots and much more. He also knows how to bring it closer to home – Berkeley campus and streets of New York.

"Healing and Liberation: Five Lessons Learnt From Israeli Medical Clowns." - Sasha Kapustina - MISHEGAS ROOM

It’s based on five years of researching and observing the clowns’ work and learning about their misunderstood art, which has found a beautiful application in hospitals. Yes, medical clowning is an actual job. A medical clown is a proper clown (red nose, huge shoes – the works) who has received special training somewhat similar to nursing and works in a hospital. The basic idea is simple – to make the
experience of being in a hospital less traumatic for everyone – patients, both kids and adults, their loved ones, and also the medical staff. Balloons and bubbles are of course innate to the job but there many more layers to this seemingly simple play.

"Creation and/or Evolution: are science and religion compatible?" - Chaim Seider-Feller - MENSCH ROOM
"Jewish Resistance" - Steven Katz - NACHAS ROOM

There is a widespread belief that during World War II Jews “went like lambs to the slaughter.” This view needs to be reevaluated in light of a great deal of contrary evidence. We will first review the context in which the issue of Jewish resistance should be considered and
the obstacles it had to confront, and will then examine the considerable degree to which Jews did, in fact, resist, both “spiritually” and “physically,” in ghettos, partisan groups, and even in the Death Camps.

"AI in Biomedicine" - Marina Sirota - OY VEY ROOM

Big Data and Artificial Intelligence approaches have been successful in transforming a number of industries including education with companies such as a Udacity and Coursera; transportation with efforts by Uber and Lift, bringing comfort and precision into our lives. The
recent advances in genomic and other molecular technologies, availability of electronic medical records paralleled with the development of mobile devices and novel computational and machine learning approaches is allowing us to also start transforming the field of medicine. Precision medicine is an emerging integrative approach for disease prevention, early detection, and treatment, which takes into account individual variability in genetics, environment, and lifestyle. In this talk, I will discuss the computational methods that we have
developed and applied across extensive molecular and clinical datasets in order to advance precision medicine by refining the current knowledge about disease mechanism, diagnostics, and therapeutics and speed up the process of drug discovery.

"Prime minister of Zanzibar and Khiam Byalik. History of my family 1865-1992" (Ru) - Yelena Khanga - SIMCHA ROOM

Yelena Khanga is a descendant of american slave, famous Jewish writer Khaim Byalik, prime-minister of Zanzibar and polish Rabbi. Join the amazing journey to history one of the most diverse family in the World.

12:00 PM – 1:30 PM
Closing Ceremony with performance by Hemi Rudner, Tatyana Amirova. Raffle Drawing.

Raffle will be drawn during Closing Ceremony